Catalyx enables better business growth through the use of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence.

We are a team of millions of your customers, speaking 42 languages and the data of the entire public web.

Crowdsourced Intelligence Crowdsourced Intelligence Crowdsourced Intelligence Crowdsourced Intelligence

Thanks to our capabilities we are uniquely positioned to help our clients with:

    Uncover insight, influence and business intelligence

    Build strategy, planning and positioning

    Creative and innovation development

    Iteration and improvement of copy, concept and content

    Ongoing brand, competition and business tracking

Our unique tools allow us to generate and process knowledge, opinion and creativity of your customer on an enormous scale

Catalyx Crowd

Create consumer validated material in days not months. Identify globally relevant insight without lapping the world. Develop ground-breaking innovation without lifting a finger. Combine the creativity, knowledge and opinion of 100s of consumers with the experience and expertise of your own people to bring marketing and innovation to market faster, better and cheaper - in 42 languages, for any target group of interest.

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Catalyx Extract

A ground breaking way to track, identify and uncover information online about your consumer, competitor, key influencers, product, marketing campaigns, brand, event or really anything else of interest. And we don’t stop at published content. We understand the search behaviour and the indirect influence of that content. All within an easy to understand dashboard that we adapt to your needs.

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...and with an in-house team of creatives, data scientists and strategists we are able to support you with consultancy, creative workshops, strategy and content development that translates the enormous collective intelligence of the crowd into business building solutions for you.

Our point of difference -
Crowdsourced Intelligence

Everything we do is informed by the knowledge, creativity and opinion of thousands of your customers and millions of their online interactions. All our work is supported by the creativity and knowledge of 1,000s or 100,000s of your target customers, through the use of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence capture.

So we unlock your crowd to discover fresh insight and transform this into marketing, innovation and business intelligence. It’s a better, faster more joined up way of growing your brand.

Crowdsourced Intelligence

Don’t just take our word for it:

We were voted Best New Agency in 2014 and have also won awards for disruptive innovation and best in class online capabilities.

Most recently, we won the 2016 MRS Awards in Insight Management, for our work re-inventing how the Global Red Cross organisation innovates.

If you’d like to uncover deeper insights into your brand and drive a more successful marketing strategy, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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